Maggie Help


Maggie the Magnolia had a rough time during our renos and has never properly recovered. She doesn’t have much new growth and her branches tend to only have leaves at the ends. Any advice? I’d really hate to lose her!


5 thoughts on “Maggie Help

  1. Yes, I can see what you mean, lots of small wispy branches with a bunch of leaves at the end. I suspect she’s been set back by the upheavals and will never be a lush tree. You may be able to improve things if you prune her, but do it after she flowers, and bit by bit, not too severely and all at once. Start with the worst branches, where there’s a long skinny bare branch with just a few leaves at the end. It may take a few years to deal with everything, but hopefully you’ll start to see new branches with full leaf cover after a while.

      1. OK, they’re shallow rooted, so a slow release fertiliser on the surface of the ground around the tree is good. The best time of year is in autumn, which is also the best time for pruning too; I’m not sure if she’s evergreen or deciduous, they come in both kinds, but if evergreen, fertilise when the temperature has dropped below about 10C. I wouldn’t do it now that she’s flowering. Once the flowers are over, you can nip off the worst of the bare skinny branches, but leave major pruning till autumn or you’ll giver her a bit of a set back.

      2. Getting much better, thanks, gets a bit sore in the evenings after I’ve overdone it as usual, but otherwise, I think the surgeon’s going to be very happy when I see him a couple of weeks 🙂

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