My Helpful Boy

Woke up from my post night duty sleep to find that my baby boy has been doing the weeding for me! Whenever he’s alone outside his toys (bought and created by him, usually as a result of destroying something) always end up by the back door. I think he just sits there waiting between acts of destruction. It also makes it quite efficient when he wants to bring one of his special new “toys” inside. Love finding balls of roots and dirt on the lounge room carpet! 

3 thoughts on “My Helpful Boy

  1. He’s a very good boy, very well trained! Would he like to come around and do some weeding for me too? Haha! Katy x

  2. haha, what a destructive cutie! My girl Sasha doesn’t even dare step foot in any of my beds. She’s so respectful and gentle. I adore her for that. And a million other reasons. Aren’t dogs the greatest things ever!?

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