Guess Who’s Back? 

Guess who’s back? 

Back again. 

Jenny’s back. 

Tell a friend. 


I’ve had Eminem in my head all morning thinking about my next blog post . 

I’ve finally finished uni! Woo! I have my life back! 

Phew, what a year! From frantic house and backyard renovations to frantic wedding preparation to marrying the best man in the world in our own backyard of the best house in the world to honeymooning in tropical paradise to frantically trying to catch up on all the uni I’d missed to almost being an official critical care registered nurse (once I’ve got my results) all while working almost full time. Needless to say, my blog (and garden) have suffered greatly from my lack of time! I honestly think I could sleep for a week right now but I’m so excited to start getting the garden back on track.

Unfortunately, our hot water service died a few days ago so I’ve spent the morning tidying up the woodshed and moving bricks so our plumber can get to the hot water service. Not quite the fun gardening I had in mind. Especially since our mountain dog likes to climb the wood pile and rummage through it to find the perfect stick to leave by the back door for us to show his appreciation of our love and care. So the newly stacked woodshed won’t be nicely stacked for long. And I’ll have to put all the bricks back once the plumber has finished his work because that’s the best place for them. So the morning hasn’t been terribly satisfying so far. 

And another moment to complain . . I have moved these bricks literally about 10 times since we’ve lived here. And this is the culled version – we used to have about 3 times this amount. It doesn’t look like much but they are a total pain in the arse to move! The day that they become useful they better be bloody life changing I tell you! 

Our front yard is not too bad as a result of my neglect. Thankfully it’s quite a self sufficient little garden. So much so that I found a pretty little Viola in the lawn. I transplanted it into the garden before I mowed – probably wishful thinking but may as well give it a chance! 

Lloyd helped of course. He’s always close to me, helping. 

The rest of the front yard really just needed a mow, weed and general tidy, so it’s looking a lot better after only an hours work. 

I’m ashamed to have a gardening blog and a backyard that looks like this:

No lawn, dead weeds everywhere, one empty garden bed, one half empty garden bed, several empty pots and (worst of all) two empty vegie boxes. Our backyard has a grand total of three plants! (And three more plants in pots). We’re getting soil delivered in a week or two followed by Palmetto instant turf. I can’t wait! The lawn will instantly transform the backyard, and with more soil I can plant out the new garden bed (in front of the shed) and get my vegie boxes going again just in time for summer veg! I did attempt to plant out the vegie boxes shortly after our wedding but a certain puppy was big enough by then to jump in and dig all (literally about a quarter anyway) of the soil out of the vegie boxes. So once we get more soil I’ll have to think of a not too ugly puppy proofing solution. I also have four pots of dead herbs on our kitchen window sill which need replacing. Worst gardener ever! But so happy to be free and have time to make everything pretty again! – even prettier now we’ve renovated! 

Watch this space! 

Jenny’s back! 


5 thoughts on “Guess Who’s Back? 

  1. Well, welome back! Brick solution: buld another raised bed and never move them again. Puppy proof soil: black bird netting laid over the top and held down with spare bricks. Garden time solution: finish honeymoon, pass exams!

    1. Haha, thanks Jodie. I’m expecting plenty of destruction. At least he’s stopped trying to eat the weatherboards off the house! I’m so in love with him that all is forgiven pretty quickly!

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