Ruthless Haircut? 

Mum and Dad gave me this Robyn Gordon Grevillea and it’s pretty well looked sad since I planted it. It keeps getting a bit of greenery around the bottom but tends to die off again no matter how much love and water I give it. This latest greenery has lasted a bit longer so thought I’d keep trying to save it a bit longer. Question: should I chop the top off it and just leave the healthy green or just let it be? 


4 thoughts on “Ruthless Haircut? 

  1. With natives, a bit of benign neglect is good. They’re not made for a rich diet and loads of water, and they don’t enjoy serious haircuts. Maybe try cutting back on the love (particularly the feeding), and give it a gentle tidy up rather than a radical flat-top? Nipping off the dead leaves is OK, but not taking it down to the ground. Hope he comes back for you.

    1. He’s got a pretty sunny spot where he is. I have a feeling he just didn’t have amazing roots to begin with and it’s all just a little too much. I’ve got other Grevillea’s nearby and their loving life. Will keep you posted on him. Thanks Jodie!

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