Ruthless Haircut? 

Mum and Dad gave me this Robyn Gordon Grevillea and it’s pretty well looked sad since I planted it. It keeps getting a bit of greenery around the bottom but tends to die off again no matter how much love and water I give it. This latest greenery has lasted a bit longer so thought I’d keep trying to save it a bit longer. Question: should I chop the top off it and just leave the healthy green or just let it be? 

4 thoughts on “Ruthless Haircut? 

  1. With natives, a bit of benign neglect is good. They’re not made for a rich diet and loads of water, and they don’t enjoy serious haircuts. Maybe try cutting back on the love (particularly the feeding), and give it a gentle tidy up rather than a radical flat-top? Nipping off the dead leaves is OK, but not taking it down to the ground. Hope he comes back for you.

  2. Is he happy with the amount of light he’s getting, do you think? I had a similarly miserable clematis which bounded back to life when I finally transplanted it in a sunnier spot.

    1. He’s got a pretty sunny spot where he is. I have a feeling he just didn’t have amazing roots to begin with and it’s all just a little too much. I’ve got other Grevillea’s nearby and their loving life. Will keep you posted on him. Thanks Jodie!

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