Burnt Patches 

Our lawn is going great guns. It’s lush and soft and happy. Except for a few little burnt circles like this. I’m wondering if they’re a burny combination of Lloyd’s wee spots and the hot sun. Been trying to water a couple of times a day to wash away the dog wee. Don’t know what else it might be..?  

5 thoughts on “Burnt Patches 

  1. Yup. That’s dawg. The only thing to do is to eventually train him to use the same spot and have a square of artificial turf there that you can hose down. He’s always going to prefer natural grass, though…

  2. Puppy piddle for sure. It’s a good idea to try to wash it away, though, I never tried that – I bet that would work if you followed him around with a hose and washed where he went right away. But, then you’d be a crazy person. lol

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