Palmetto’s First Haircut

I mowed our palmetto instant turf for the first time. Look how awesome it looks! Who knew I’d be this obsessed with lawn? It’s so spongy and soft and lush. And green! I love it! 

Question: other than spending hours cutting the edges with secateurs, what’s the best way to neaten up the edges around the shed and garden beds?

And you can’t possibly have a post about the backyard without a photo of Lloyd. I thought I’d sit back and admire our lawn for a bit on a recliner chair that my sister bought me. Lloyd decided the extra height was just what he needed to get the best vantage point for his fly catching. No flies died. 

9 thoughts on “Palmetto’s First Haircut

  1. Cute photo of Lloyd and you. And your lawn looks great! My husband uses a weed wacker to get the bits on the edge. It’s a big, awful, noisy thing with a string that keeps breaking – but it’s the only way I know to do it.

    1. Thanks Shells! We’re worried the whipper snipper will scratch the colourbond shed. Adam’s just bought some edge attachment thingy so hopefully that works! He was out there for hours on the weekend doing it by hand!

    1. Thanks Kate. We’ve got a whipper snipper but don’t want to scratch the colourbond shed. Roundup might be the go. We were going to lay a brick edge before we put the grass down but the concrete slab of the shed poked out a bit and it would’ve looked crap.

      1. If you use a fine enough line it shouldn’t scratch, but Roundup will take care of the problem longer term. Try crusher dust between a brick edging and the shed itself once you’ve nuked the grass.

  2. Roundup will kill all of the blades of grass connected to each runner that touches the herbicide, being systemic. I presume your lawn is the self-repairing, runner type?

    You could always tear it up and put in plastic grass. No trimming required 😉

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