A Healthy Relax

When I think of relaxing at the end of the day I think wine, cheese/hot chocolate, muffin. While this sounds lovely, it’s nice to mix it up with a healthy version too. I just got home from my meditation class, which always inspires me to think of the healthy option. So tonight I’m relaxing with a lemongrass and mint “tea” (which is lemongrass and mint from my garden crushed up and put in a tea pot with some hot water), and some home-made museli, natural yoghurt and banana.


After writing this post I’m going to curl up with our laptop and a blanket and listen to my lectures on Open 2 Study. Have you heard about this? I highly recommend it! They’re free 4 week courses which take about 2 hours each week and there are heaps of topics to choose from. I’ve done Principles of Project Management, which is relevant to the career path I’m heading towards. It was a really good course, but now I’m doing the fun courses for my own curiosity (hence why I can incorporate them into relaxation time). I’m half way through Foundations of Psychology and Food and Nutrition and they’re also very good. The only question is which course to sign up to next!

Hope you’re all enjoying your relaxing (blog checking) time 🙂