Beautiful Orchids!

Beautiful orchids!

My grandma gave me 2 orchids about 15 years ago (one pink, one yellow) and I now have about 25 orchids. They thrive on neglect and never fail to produce stunning flowers every year. And on Melbourne Cup Day we split the pot bounds ones in half with an axe and chuck em in some dirty bark that they call orchid mix and they love it! Such beauties!

Lemon Tree Diagnosis?

IMG_9100IMG_9101Lemon tree diagnosis?

This is a meyer lemon, planted almost a year ago. It has never been happy. It’s planted in full sun but the soil is clay and gets quite boggy. We’ve had some cold/frosty mornings in Melbourne but it’s spring now and it still looks sad. It’s leaves have been curled and shrunken and yellow for months. I’ve fed it nitrogen, magnesium and a couple of broad spectrum fertilisers as well as good ol’ fashioned cow manure and I’m running out of ideas for how to make this little one happy. I gave my neighbours a Eureka lemon tree (a gift for our housewarming but two lemon trees would be excessive!) and theirs is growing really well. Would love some feedback on this one. Thanks!



Well, first attempt of carrots wasn’t the best success but they were still delicious! My fault here was that I didn’t notice that I planted the carrots bunched together. The seedlings were so tiny that I thought I was planting individual carrots into each hole, but I was actually planting 3 or 4! So they all wound around each other in the fight to dig down to more water. I’ve learnt my lesson and looking forward to some epic carrots this season!

Vegie Boxes

Vegie boxes

We built these vegie boxes from treated pine, which the boys at Mitre-10 kindly cut to the right size for us. There was a big debate between my partner and I as to whether to make them two planks high or three planks high. I won, and now that our vegies are spewing over the edge of the boxes, 3 planks looks just right. Plus it saves my back while I’m tending to the vegies!