Lovely Present From The In-laws


This lovely bench was a Christmas present for me from my boyfriends parents. Yes, I know Christmas was a long time ago. I actually thought I’d already posted about this but apparently I have not. After much research, I decided to plant Arthropodium ‘Te Puna’ in the pots either side (which were a present from my parents). I originally had Philotheca in these pots but they died, hence the more thorough research for a more suitable plant. So far the Arthropodium are going well. The verandah only gets a couple of hours of sun in the morning, and I tend to forget to water my undercover pot plants in the winter because watering plants just isn’t on my mind when it’s cold a rainy. Arthropodium are said to require minimal water (once established) and don’t mind being plonked in a shady corner. Plus they like being in pots. And they look great with their long, soft, green leaves and have pretty, white flowers in the warmer months which will look great against our pretty, white house. Since we live on a busy road we’ve only sat on the bench a couple of times because watching the traffic isn’t the most exciting view. We do live opposite a golf course though, so if we ignore the four lanes of traffic and the carpark and the giant fence, we can see the lush green of Burnley Golf Course. It’s all about admiring the positives :).