Therapeutic Gardening

Or un-gardening as the case may be (aka weeding).

I’m sick :(. It’s just a cold, but I don’t get sick very often so I don’t take it well when I am. Gardening was a strong focus on my “list of things to do on my days off”, but the night before my days off started my cold came on and my list seemed all too hard. Today I thought I’d try to push through and do some much needed weeding. (I did attempt to shovel dirt out of my vegie boxes in preparation to move them but after one shovel full I decided I was too dizzy for that!).

It’s funny that gardening feels therapeutic, but I did feel a little better when I was out there. Probably more in my mind than in my body. That proud moment that I’m getting stuff done even though I feel like crap. But it’s more rewarding than pushing through to get housework done for example. Maybe just being outside makes it nicer. But when you think about it, it shouldn’t make you feel better. It was cold outside. My hands and knees got wet in the dirt. Everytime I stood up from my crouched weeding position I felt dizzy. And then it started raining! (I pulled the plug when the rain came but got a fair bit done). But the whole process was overall therapeutic.

Now to decide whether I’m well enough for my 12.5 hour shift tomorrow…

Just Mowed My… Weeds


This is my lawn. I consists of white clover, sedge, cleavers, cat’s ears, caustic weed and so many more weeds that I’m yet to identify. Sedge is my least favourite!

But what to do??

I’m thinking the best thing to do would be to dig them up and start my lawn again. I’ll spray them really well, dig them up, spray again, make everything slightly more level than it is now!, top dress and seed. It’ll be a big job but I think it’s the only option. Has anyone done this before? If so some advice would be great! I really really don’t want the weeds to come back after all this work!

Weeds Bloody Weeds

Winter weeds! Take hours to pull and are back in fine force within a week! I’m trying some Euci-mulch to keep them at bay for a little while. I did have pea straw which I love but it rots down so quickly that the weeds are growing through it within a month or so. How do you control your weeds?


Weed mats?


Constant pulling?

Weed killer?

What’s your weed survival guide?

IMG_9115 IMG_9120

Before                                              After


Before (ahh, so many!)                                      After