Just Mowed My… Weeds


This is my lawn. I consists of white clover, sedge, cleavers, cat’s ears, caustic weed and so many more weeds that I’m yet to identify. Sedge is my least favourite!

But what to do??

I’m thinking the best thing to do would be to dig them up and start my lawn again. I’ll spray them really well, dig them up, spray again, make everything slightly more level than it is now!, top dress and seed. It’ll be a big job but I think it’s the only option. Has anyone done this before? If so some advice would be great! I really really don’t want the weeds to come back after all this work!

3 thoughts on “Just Mowed My… Weeds

  1. You may also find it helpful to strip the top layer of turf, since grass is the most persistent plant known to man and it will help prevent many, many repeat appearances. You can either do it the hard way and develop impressive biceps and back trouble, or hire a turf stripper for a day and rattle through it at speed. I think Coates Hire does them…

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