Blooming Crab Apple


Mum and Dad dropped in to our house one day last year and very proudly presented us with a stick. After much thought as to what sort of tree to plant in our front yard they’d found the perfect solution: a crab apple. A pretty, ornamental tree to go with our pretty, ornamental house. About six months earlier, Dad had proudly presented me with a bag of poo and we dug that into the soil where we planned to plant our tree. So our new stick had a good start to life with some 6 month old manure doing it’s thing in the shitty (pardon the pun) Burnley soil. After several weeks the stick came to life and budded into leaves. Then, being deciduous, it became a stick again. I got a bit worried about it after that because all the other pretty looking deciduous trees in the area started coming back to life again well before our little stick. We’ve had problems growing things in this part of the garden and I thought it had packed it in. But our little stick is just a late bloomer and looking mighty fine with its second bunch of pretty pink flowers.


Spring Has Sprung

In one day I received two positive comments about the flowers in our front garden. One from a Jehovah’s Witness who commented on my Snap Dragons after she gave me her speech about God. Another from a group of teenage girls who were walking past, unbeknown to me working in the garden. So, I thought it time to show off some of these beautiful spring flowers to you.


Crab Apple Tree – Mum and Dad gave us this tree a few months ago as our feature tree for the front garden. It looked like a dead stick. Now it’s covered in leaves, buds and pretty pink flowers.


A row of different coloured Pansy’s add a colourful border to one of our garden beds.


These Snap Dragons have been going strong for nearly 6 months! 


Primulas standing up all prim and proper.


Couldn’t resist putting in another photo of Grandma’s beautiful orchids. This one seems to be the result of some in-breeding between my pink orchids and my yellow orchids. Pink must be dominant because I have many more pink orchids than yellow orchids despite starting off with one of each.


This Port Wine Magnolia was rescued from my brother’s property before he demolished his house. I’m so glad it survived the transplant and is now covered in buds. Unfortunately, the buds don’t open much further than this before they drop off. So nice to get a plant that’s 6 feet tall straight into our new garden where all the other plants are just babies. 


Photos don’t do this Boronia justice. It is absolutely covered in flowers!