Hen Seeds 

My sister obviously knows me very well and organised for my girlfriends to bring me gifts of seeds and bulbs for my hens day. Look at them all! 

I’ve planted a few packets out and am now the proud grower of sunflower seedlings! 🌞

The Start of a New Era?


My first veg grown from seed. 

My brother has just finished building his house and one of the first things he did once the house was built was build a vegie box out of left over corrugated iron and sleepers. It looks great! He decided he wanted to grow from seed and bought some dwarf sugar snap peas and greenfeast peas from the Diggers Club and planted them straight into his vegie box. I’ve always grown from seedlings because I always thought you had to grow seeds indoors under controlled conditions before planting out the seedlings, and we don’t really have the space in our house to do that. But when my brother had leftover seeds I thought I might as well give them a go and chuck em (with love) straight into the vegie box. Within a few days I had little pea sprouts! Very exciting! Nearly every seed has sprouted now and they’re looking happy and healthy. Could this be the start of a new era? I’m guessing not every type of veg will be successfully grown from seed planted straight into the garden but I’m more open minded to growing from seed now.