My Peas, All In A Tangle

Oh no! I did not think this through! When my brother gave me pea seeds I just popped them in the ground in nice little rows. Now, of course, they’re looking for something to hang on to! Silly me, I didn’t think this far ahead. I was just shocked that I actually grew something from seed.

unnamed (2)

So my poor little peas started clinging to each other for support.

‘Whatever shall we do?’ I wondered, and the Macgyver in me came out.

unnamed (3)

I used some decorative sticks my neighbour gave me for firewood and wound wire around them to fashion a climbing structure for my little peas to cling to. Each day I’ve been training my peas to cling to the wire, and not each other.

unnamed (1)

It may look a bit ugly, but it’s working just fine and they’re nearly up to their second layer of wire.

3 thoughts on “My Peas, All In A Tangle

  1. Mine were starting to tangle a bit too! They behave much better once you give them something to climb tho… I had the slight head start that we planted them against the fence so training them wasn’t as awkward. Think will just let them compete with each other and will keep the tallest, strongest ones amongst them.

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