Orchids Orchids Everywhere!

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I love orchid season! I have so many orchids (mostly still at Mum and Dad’s house) that my parents can’t give them away! I’ve got 3 orchids at my house (two pink, one yellow) and they thrive no matter how badly I treat them. I think even the brownest thumbs out there couldn’t kill a cymbidium orchid (so long as they aren’t put in full sun, or planted in regular soil). I never water them, only occasionally will I feed them. I just dump them in a shady spot and ignore them and every year they reward me with months and months of gorgeous flowers.

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This one actually started flowering in May and I’m sure it’ll keep flowering for a few months longer! The past few years I’ve had to delay re-potting them because they’re still flowering well into November. Melbourne Cup Day early in November has always been our traditional re-potting day. We need another public holiday at the end of November that we can call re-potting day! (any excuse for another public holiday! :))

2 thoughts on “Orchids Orchids Everywhere!

  1. Lovely! I’m a huge orchid fan too, and as I write, I’m admiring my phalaenopsis orchids, one white and one purple, which sit on top of the window airconditioning unit in my sewing room. Like you, I neglect them tremendously, they occasionally get an eggcupful of water, and that’s that. I have plans to have lots more orchids in the house we’re buying; there’s a huge covered patio out the back which will be a perfect spot.

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