Farewell My Molly

So Molly (the grevillea) didn’t survive her grand move. Despite all the love and native plant mix and water and Reiki healing (done by Mum). I won’t post a photo of her, it’s too distressing.

In place of Molly, Mum and Dad bought us a Camellia named midnight. I chose her for her beauty, not her name. But have personalised her name to Middy. Hope she’ll be happy here!


I did consider getting another Molly, but I only transplanted original Molly to the front in an attempt to save her. I wouldn’t have chosen that spot for her otherwise. Plus I already have a peaches and cream grevillea in the front. Our front yard is a higgledy piggledy mix of everything so a Camellia fits in just fine. Maybe I’ll plant Molly in one of our new garden beds out the back (once we create them!). At least I know she will grow well out there and not freak out and die over our clay soil.

I’ll leave you with some visual Molly memories..





Thanks for the good times, Molza!

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