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My mother-in-law to be was given this Poinsettia from one of her piano students and asked my advice on how to care for it. I like gardening and have a gardening blog but I’m still a baby in this game and don’t know much at all! Does anyone have any advice on how to care for a Poinsettia in Melbourne climate? Mum’s advice was to keep it inside and keep it watered until it starts looking sick, then ceremoniously put it outside and let it die. Is this just what they do in Melbourne’s climate or is there a way to keep them alive?

Thanks fellow bloggers! 😊

7 thoughts on “Care Instructions

  1. I don’t know about Melbourne, but my mom keeps her poinsettias all year-round in zone 4. After they stop blooming at Christmas time, she keeps them in the basement til spring. Once it warms up enough, I think she puts them outside for the summer. Good luck to your mom with her poinsettia! And Merry Christmas!

  2. It can live outside as well. In fact, they don’t die after a year they just got dormant. I’ve had some that I rescued from the trash of the botanical building (which I’m oft to do) and I pruned it heavily and it came back the next fall.

  3. Hi Jen, they’ll do fine in Melbourne if she can give them a sheltered, frost free position. Frost will kill them, and anywhere too windy will shred the leaves. When the leaves fall in winter, cut the stems back to the two healthiest buds and reduce watering to the bare minimum. Plant in a well-drained location in full or partial sun, preferably against a wall or fence to protect them from strong winds and give them a bit seaweed solution and blood and bone to get them going. When they start to grow, feed every other week. Up here, they become large and impressive shrubs. The only thing you have to watch out for is root rot, which they’re prone to.

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