Magnolia Advice

Hello blog friends,

I have a dear friend who has a sad magnolia and wanted me to ask advice on how to help it. She thinks it looks hungry but is not sure what to feed it. She’s found that pulling off the old, dead leaves has helped it grow new leaves back. Any advice?


3 thoughts on “Magnolia Advice

  1. Magnolias don’t like hot feet, they prefer being grown in grass rather than surrounded by paving. That’s one possibility. Secondly, it could be either an iron deficiency, but personally, I’d start with a spray with Epsom salts (magnesium sulphate), 20g per litre. Spray the leaves and round the drip line so the small feeder roots will get it.

      1. Well, I didn’t know exactly, but those are common magnolia problems! The heat is a big problem in Oz because they’re originally cool climate, moist soil trees, so they actually tend to do better as young trees in a little shade. Once they’re older, they tolerate heat better, but they need loads of mulch and plenty of water.

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