The Next Crop


The original soil we put in our vegie boxes was an incredibly friable 5 way soil (2 soils and 3 manures) which we bought from Fulton’s. The combination of the soil settling and losing bits of soil from harvesting meant the soil level had dropped really low! So it was time for a top up! I harvested the last of the carrots and beans and garlic. It was tricky because ideally I would have left the garlic and beans a little longer, but I didn’t want to wait any longer to plant tomatoes, so there was a bit of compromise.


Here are my 4 favourite carrots from the harvest. They didn’t know which way to go! Taste good though!


Now I know how much the soil settles, I topped it right up high with the same 5 way soil.


The third crop! From left: cos lettuce, beetroot, bok choy.


From left: chilli, roma tomato, Burnley sure crop tomatoes. I live in Burnley, which is also home to Melbourne University’s horticulture campus and the Burnley sure crop tomatoes are apparently resistant to pests and disease in Burnley. Who could resist that!


Got hayfever? No, pea straw fever! I hate spreading pea straw on top! So much sneezing! These little vegies better appreciate it!

2 thoughts on “The Next Crop

  1. Those little carrots are irresistible! It looks like written Urdu – better watch out, your carrots may be hurling insults unknown to you… Your raised beds are quite magnificent – next year, consider using sugar cane mulch, it’s not quite as high in nitrogen as pea straw, but it has all sorts of other goodies, and comes in tidy bales from garden centres and nurseries. One bale goes a very long way.

  2. Good to know (about the pea straw)! I never even considered that. I just always get pea straw because I like it and because my Mum’s name is P. Straw! I just get it from Bunnings and I know they also sell sugar cane mulch so will definately try that next time. This is why I love blogging – I’d never have leant this little tip otherwise (because it was never on my radar). Thanks Kate!

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