Funny Sleepy Girls

My “proud mum” collage of our lovely girls:


When they first arrive at their new home. Travelling is tiring!


Getting to know Mummy. This was taken about 2 minutes after arriving here. So trusting!


Always together.


Sunbaking. Involves laying on your side to increase surface area to absorb the most glorious sun possible. And it must be done urgently – as soon as the sun comes out from behind a cloud!


Penny built herself a lovely, dirty nest in the vegetable garden.


Stretching out on Mummy’s lap after a big day.


Harriet snuggling up. It’s always hard for a sleepy girl to find a place to rest her head.


Such big girls now. This was taken today. They’re starting to get feathers on their heads. 4 weeks old now.

One thought on “Funny Sleepy Girls

  1. Yup, you’ve got it bad. I can’t see you letting your girls go without either tears or a fight. I think you’d better order your own now so you can dive straight in when these young ladies move on…

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