Citrus Help

Oh citrus, how I struggle with thee.

My lime tree was coming along nicely. I took this photo less than a month ago:

unnamed (3)

And since then it’s been looking better and better…

Until last week.

Out of nowhere, it’s leaves curled up and shrunk.

unnamed (2)

The only insects on it is the odd ant because I’ve been inspecting it for dreaded aphids everyday and I’ve got my little army of lady bugs to help the aphid fight. We had about three days of fairly constant showers (not rain, just showers) last week, could it have gotten too wet? But it’s in a pot with good potting mix so it should have good drainage. The only other thing I can think of is that I’ve fed it some iron, magnesium and powerfeed (with mostly has phosphorus and nitrogen) over the past month. Just one dose of each because I’m paranoid that my citrus are hungry and some of the leaves had a little yellow coming through. Could I have overfed it??

unnamed (3)

Next citrus question:

My brand new, much loved and cared for Meyer Lemon has been on a very slow decline since I bought it about a month ago. It’s in a pot with good potting mix. I’ve also fed it iron, magnesium and powerfeed (one dose of each) plus sprinkled slow release fertiliser on it. I’ve moved it out of a full sun position to a spot that gets morning to early afternoon sun only, and full shade after that. I make sure it doesn’t get too dry, but it too was out in the constant showers last week so it may have gotten a bit wet, but once again, it’s in a pot. It doesn’t look especially bad, it just looks a little sad with a couple of the older leaves which have gone completely yellow and the other leaves have tiny yellow spots all throughout. Any advice/suggestions?? I really want my citrus to be happy!

unnamed (4)

2 thoughts on “Citrus Help

  1. What sort of midday temperatures are you getting? Sometimes it’s sheer heat that stresses the plant, and no matter how much you water it, it transpires faster than you can keep up. My lime is much happier now I’ve moved it back under the patio so it only gets lateral light. You may have been a tad enthusiastic with the feeding, too, especially if the plant’s losing water; it just concentrates the mixture to the point where it’s too strong. Maybe give them both the equivalent of a nice lie-down in a darkened room for a little….

  2. Citrus love full sun and warm weather. Typically, if the leaves are curling, it either has too little water, or way too much water. You can buy a inexpensive water probe off of the internets to remove the guess work. You want the soil to dry out slightly before adding more.

    Yellowing leaves usually mean a lack of nitrogen. Blood meal is a great organic fertilizer that’s almost all nitrogen and is water soluble. If you’re worried that you’ve over fed it already, then don’t add more fertilizer. In the world of fertilizer, smaller more frequent applications are far better than larger less frequent applications!

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