Lloyd The Menace 

I pulled out the remnants of the tomato plants on the weekend and the freshly disturbed soil proved too tempting for a Lloydie puppy. The little menace has leaned his gorgeous little paws on the chicken wire to bend it enough that he can jump over it and dig up that lovely, pooey, soft soil. Time for an extra post for my very attractive chicken wire fence. As I always say, lucky he’s cute! 

3 thoughts on “Lloyd The Menace 

  1. So frustrating! I know just how you feel – I have (pretty much) managed to train my 5 year old dog to stay out of the vegetable garden, but it took many years and many bent fences. She has the run of the rest of the yard & I have just learned to plant many things in many different places & hope something survives. I’d do more if I cared, but it’s her yard, too. The cuteness surely helps!

    1. Haha. I love the “pretty much”. She sounds like a lucky girl. Lloyd’s pretty good really. He only gets destructive if he doesn’t get a walk so it’s not his fault. Our dogs are pretty smart though – bending the fence!

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